Airline delays do occur! Sometime they are a result of mechanical failure or scheduling conflicts the airline is experiencing. These delays are the carriers’ responsibility. Other times the delays are caused due to weather or other acts of nature. These delays are not the responsibility of the carriers.

If your flight is delayed you need to immediately check your itinerary to see if you will make your connecting flight. If you feel that there is a possibility that you will miss your next flight, inform the ticket agent at the airport that you have a connecting flight. If you will not be able to make your connection, kindly ask the agent to rebook on a different flight and/or airline so that you may make your connection. If it is the carriers fault that you are delayed (and not an act of nature), you must insist that they rebook you. If there are no alternative flights, verify with them that the airline which is delayed will pay for your hotel room in your connecting city. Sometime it is worth while postponing your trip for one day in order to avoid the misconnection and the associated hassles.