Axioma Travel always books tickets with connecting time minimums as required by the airlines providing the transportation. Sometimes these connections are tight and its up to the passenger to keep a few simple things in mind in order to increase their chances of making the connection.

First of all familiarize yourself with the airport you are making the connection in. You can do so by going to the airport website and finding the terminal map.  Second when you get your boarding passes at the initial check-in, there might be gates indicated for the connecting flight.  Try to find those on the terminal map.  But always remember to check for new gate information once you land, as they often change.  It may be worthwhile to download the airline’s app to your smart phone and check gate information while you are still taxiing.  Another helpful thing is to use the restrooms on the plane so that you do not have to make a stop in the terminal and lose precious time making your connection.  When doing seat assignments, try to pick seats as far in front as possible, the sooner you deplane, the sooner you will be on your way to the next flight.

If you are purchasing two separate tickets, the airline of the first ticket is not responsible to get you to your destination on time so you may catch the next flight with the airline on the second ticket.  The airline on the second ticket is not responsible to change your ticket in the event you are delayed by the first airline.  This is your responsibility.  We recommend travel insurance to cover you in the case of flight delays or cancellations.  The first airline may not want to check your bags all the way to your final destination and you may need to pick up your bags and recheck them with the second airline.  Also keep in mind that you may be double charged for baggage fees, once by each airline. Please check the specific details involved with your itinerary with your Axioma Travel ticket agent before purchasing your tickets.