Airlines are changing their maximum baggage allowances. Most have reduced their maximum allowance to 1 piece to check-in and 1 piece for carry-on.  Some airlines do not allow any bags or carry-on unless you pay a separate fee.  Furthermore many airlines are now selling fare types, that do not allow checked bags or carry-on.  On most airlines, checked baggage may weigh a maximum of 50lbs (23kg) and the maximum dimensions per item of baggage are 62in (158cm), (width + height + depth).  However certain carriers, are using different weights and dimensions for their maximum size.  As always please check with your airline for up to date rules.

For most airlines, carry-on may weigh a maximum 18lb (8kg) and have maximum dimensions of 45 inches (115cm). Furthermore they have started charging fees for some or all bags checked. Please check with your carrier on what the maximum is to avoid any complications at the airport. If you have connecting flights always insist on having your bags checked to the final destination. You may not have time to pick up and recheck your bags at transit points.