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You will find your reservation number on your ticket or on the confirmation provided by your agent. It is sometimes referred to as "PNR" or "Record Locator". If you do not have your reservation number, please contact your Axioma Travel agent.

The reservation number is a 6 digit alphanumeric code, ie. it contains letters and number. You will only need to enter these 6 digits and never any codes that follow or precede it.

It does not make a difference for Checkmytrip whether you enter it in or lower case.

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Your last name needs to be entered exactly as it appears in reservation. Do not enter your first name or other information in this field.

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Current specials

  • Cleveland-Beograd $1175
  • Phoenix-Beograd $1175
  • Seattle-Beograd $1175
  • San Francisco-Beograd $1175
  • Las Vegas-Beograd $1175

  • Valid for departures from 11may-4aug or 25aug-1sep 2018
    Some dates are already sold out.
    U cenu uracunate sve aerodromske taxe
    Avio kompanija zadrzava pravo da promeni cene bez najave

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Axioma Travel news

Besplatna hrana i pice na nekim letovima United Airlines

United je odlucio da kaze svojim putnicima- pice je na nas racun!
Ova avio kompanija je od 1juna uvela pun obrok na nekim svojim ekonomskim letovima.

Do sada je hrana bila besplatna samo na medjunarodnim letovima ,ali ne i alkoholna pica.
Oni koji se zadese na ovim letovima,imace jedan od 3 opcije za predjelo,glavno jelo i desert.
Nakon besplatnog obroka i pica,ako ste jos uvek gladni-imacete priliku da kupite uzinu
Kako kaze predstavnica United Airlines-"Ovo je deo investiranja u poboljsanje iskustva putnika na nasim letovima."
Ako se zadesite na nekom od ovih letova na kojima dobijete pun obrok-javite nam kakav je bio rucak!